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Cracked Concrete Wall


All forms of restoration undertaken, including:

  • Removal of foxing (acidic brown spots that look like fox paw prints)

  • Removal of watermarks/damage

  • Paper repair

  • Oil cleaning

  • Canvas repair

  • Re-lining of canvases

  • Photographic duplication and digital restoration (The image is photographed/scanned then digitally enhanced. The new image is then printed using our range of high quality medias as a replacement for the original. The original can then be safely archived and removed from display to avoid any further light and atmospheric deterioration.)

  • We can also make small frame repairs, including gold leaf repairs. 


An example of Foxed paper before and after restoration.


An example of a water-colour removed from the acidic board before having the foxing removed and re-tinted to enhance the original colour.



Both examples of badly tarnished varnishes covering oils, now restored with the old varnish removed and new varnish applied.


An example of a torn image and after having had the paper repaired (look closely for the hair line repair).

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