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Standard Mounts (outside size) the inside aperture can be added before adding the mount to the checkout

A1 - A2  - A3 - A4 - A5

6"x 4"

7"x 5"

8"x 6"

9"x 7"

10"x 8"

11"x 9"

12"x 10"

14"x 11"

16"x 12"

16"x 14"

10" square

11" square

12" square

14" square

16" square

18" square





Good To know 
Allow at least 1" (25mm) all around the image on smaller sizes mounts and at least 2" (50mm) all around on larger sizes mounts. For example: if you have a 400x300mm image, choose a 500x400mm mount. 
Can't find the size you need? send us an email 
    How to measure for mounts

    Select the mount size using the outside dimensions or frame size. If using frame size, make sure to measure between the rebates of the frame, never from the front. When measuring the image for mounts, we recommend making the aperture size smaller by at least 2mm on all sides, to allow the mount to sit on top of the image. 

    If you need a different colour, size or multi aperture, please send us an email.

    For example: If you image is 400mm x 300mm the mount aperture should be 396mm x 296mm
    Length of the picture in mm - 4mm ( 2mm for each side)
    Width of the picture in mm - 4mm (2mm for each side)
    Measure from the back of the frame, in between the rebates
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