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Cracked Concrete Wall


All bespoke and ready made frames are supplied with 2mm float glass as standard but you may not be aware of the alternative options:

  • Diffusion glass (Traditional Non-reflective)

  • UV Protection

  • Water white

  • Museum

  • Acrylic

  • Styrene

  • Float (Standard Glass)

  • 4.4mm Laminated Float


   Mirror Glass

  • Silver float (mirror)

  • Antiqued Silver Float

  • Safety backed Silver float

Diffusion glass (Traditional Non-reflective)

Traditional non reflective glass is acid-etched on one side and therefore diffuses the light on the way out to reduce the glare in a high light environment.

This glass is useful if you are going to hang your framed image in a light source (i.e. an over head light or a window) that reflects into your eye when sat in your favourite chair.

However, due to the etching of the glass it does slightly reduce the visible detail. 


UV Protection

Our UV protection glass blocks out 99% of UVA/B light from degrading the image over time.

This is great to protect any sensitive artwork from fading, particularly useful on pieces with value whether monetary, historical or sentimental.


Water white

This amazing low iron glass has a 1% reflection rate.

This is important as it allows 99% of light both in and more importantly out of the frame therefore making the glass look invisible.

This glass is a great alternative to Diffusion Glass, provided the image isn't too reflective. i.e. If you have a high gloss photo its great for seeing all the detail but the light will reflect of the image itself not the glass.



Museum glass is a combination of the glass types above. It has a 1% reflection rate, blocks 99% of UV and has anti-reflective properties.

This is the ultimate glass for both protection and clarity.



Acrylic glass is lightweight and very hard-wearing with shatter resistant properties.

It's perfect for both large pieces and public areas or for pieces that are being regularly transported.

It comes in a number of different thicknesses with the option of diffusion, UV protection and scratch-resistance.



Softer and thinner than Acrylic glass, it is lightweight and perfect for childrens' rooms.

It has shatter-resistant properties, so in the event of it breaking it is less likely to have sharp edges.


Float (Standard Glass)

While we supply 2mm Float glass as standard in both our bespoke framing and our ready-made frames we can also obtain thicker glass for larger projects.


4.4mm Laminated Float

4.4mm Laminated glass is preferable for large projects and public spaces, as the lamination helps to armour the glass.  It also has a 99% UV protection.



Mirror Glass

Silver float (mirror)

Standard mirror is 3mm silver float glass, as it is a 3mm standard glass with a silver highly polished backing that creates a reflection.

Bevelled mirrors are 4mm which allows 1 mm to be polished off 1 inch from the edge on the front surface.


Antiqued Silver Float

During the manufacture of the polished silver backing the silvering is chemically aged to give an antique effect.

Safety backed Silver float

Standard silver float has an added plastic backing, which on breaking prevents sharp pieces becoming detached.  

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