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Cracked Concrete Wall


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Bespoke Framing

It's very difficult to quote for bespoke framing without having the items in hand. The price varies enormously, depending on the overall size, mounts, moulding or extra processes (such as stretching or dry-mounting). So the best we can give you is a very rough quote. 
Tell us a bit about what you would like framing, the image or item size if you have it and we'll give you a starting price, but please bear in mind, that can change. 

There is absolutely no obligation, you are welcome to come in, talk to us, decide exactly what you would like, so we can accurately quote you. If you are happy with it, we'll go ahead.

Glass & Mounts only - Bespoke

We offer mount and glass bespoke sizes, contact us for a quote.

Quoting a bespoke glass or mount, we would only require the outside frame dimensions in millimetres.

We do not need the image size for a quote, if it's a mount. If you are happy with the mount quote, contact us so we can define a mount colour and the image size.


We recommend  Minuteman Press for any printing needs. Send us a digital copy and the size you would like the picture to be printed and we will get a quote for you. After the quote has been approved they will print and deliver back to us. We will contact you when the print arrives to arrange a date for you to come in and choose a frame. It's all payable together with the frame but you will get a separate quote for the printing service and the framing. 

Your content has been submitted. We will contact you shortly with a quote. 

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