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ColourMedium Oak
Wood TypeObeche
Item Width (mm)35
Item Depth (mm)15
Rebate Depth (mm)10
Rebate Width (mm)5


Large Medium OakReady Made Frame available in a variety of sizes. This product is a flat profile medium oak stain Obeche wood.


Made with real wood, real glass and real craft.

Includes finished frame, glass, backing and everything you need to fit it yourself.

Manufactured in the UK by Framecraft Bath the quality bespoke picture framers.

Large Size Medium Oak

PriceFrom £30.85
  • Larger size frames are not available in smaller moulding and larger frames are not available in larger mouldings.

  • The frame size always correspond to the apperture size. Frame with mounts will be bigger than a frame only to accomodate the mount. Consider only the image size.

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