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Cracked Concrete Wall



Edward Taylor GCF, Managing Director 

     We believe it is essential that our customers have the best possible advice and information so that they have a clear set of options from which to make a decision. We can also offer advice on colours and textures to enhance the image and co-ordinate with where it will hang. We want our customers to feel confident in us and to enjoy coming to our shop. The majority of items brought in for framing are artworks in various mediums on paper, board or canvas. However, we have experience in framing a multitude of objects of every size and shape including medals, clothing (shirts, caps, bodices, shoes, etc.), needle work, porcelain, coins, stamps, papyrus, leather, spoons and many other 3D items. Over time we have developed procedures for framing these items. Occasionally we get something new and enjoy the challenge of planning the best solution. Our ultimate aim is to have happy and satisfied customers.

Cracked Concrete Wall

Framing Techniques

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