Shirts & Sports Memorabilia

One of our specialisations in the sports memorabilia category is shirt framing.

We have perfected a system that allows us to hang the shirt naturally within a lightweight 3D presentation box. The shirt is hand-sewn around an acid neutral* stiffening card and set within a deep rebate frame with a shadow mount. We can also place calligraphy, tickets and other memorabilia within the viewing area. The overall visual impact and use of quality materials is sympathetic with the importance and value of the item.


 Chef's jacket, medal and shirt framingFramed Man U shirtMarcus Trescothick framed 3D image with bat and ball        Rugby shirt framed with double aperture below





*Please note we use the term ACID-NEUTRAL, as no form of paper based product can strictly be termed as acid-free. Most are treated to reduce or neutralise the acid (lignin) within the materials.

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