Framed Canvas

Your Boudoir print in a 380gsm fine art framed quality canvas

  • Frame Width (mm): 48 Rebate Depth (mm): 12 Depth (mm): 33 Colour: Black/Silver Profile: Dome Finish: Paint Wood Type: Meranti
  • For individual sizes please add 50mm all round. e.g. 500x400 image (Outside approx 600x500mm)
  • Includes image touch up, Colouring (e.g. Black and White) and size advice.
  • Option of Female only Framer

Image refusal - We reserve the right to refuse and operate a terrestrial TV rules policy. These must be your own images and have the consent of the subject in the image.

Please think carefully about your image as some images may need to be cropped to fit the pre-made size.

Once ordered please supply us with a digital image via e-mail attached to your order number.

400x400mm image
500x400mm image
500X500mm image
500x700mm image
A2 image
A3 image

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