Cracked Concrete Wall


Large Cashmere Throw with Leather Bias Binding 

For this project we created our new fine textile procedure (pictured below) that ensures that the fine rug only touched the acid neutral canvas. The cashmere throw had a leather edge and using the existing sewing marks we used invisible thread to sew the item onto the canvas. This was then re-stretched so that we could use a spacer* to lift the glass away from the the throw.

This was a very large rug and was an interesting challenge.


As a picture framer that has experience in making very large frames and has many years experience in textiles. We were recommended by another firm of framers as this customer struggled to find a picture framer who was able to accomodate the project. 

Hand-Stitched Fine Textiles  Stretcher bars Frame.jpg

Due to the shear size of the item the customer choose to use the 4.4mm glass, which required a heavy duty frame.


The glass had the added benefit of being 99.9%UV protective and had anti-reflective layers which appear virtually invisible.


*In the diagram we have used a slip, however, in the project we used a spacer which is similar but vertical rather than horizontal

Horse Show Display

We created a very large object frame to celebrate a fantastic day in this horse and riders career.

Multiple apertures were cut into the board so that the magazine articles and photos could be added alongside the huge sash and award rosette


The rosettes had lovely long pleats which had to be spaced with tapestry tape. The Sash also had a rosette incorporated into it which needed sewing into the board while maintaining a natural hang from the rest of the sash.


Planet Of The Apes Jacket

An amazing bit of movie memorabilia! This was an original costume from the "Planet of The Apes"!

This piece was in great condition and simply needed to be placed into a frame that was deep enough to take the jacket which was very heavily padded and therefore a very thick object. In order to prevent sagging with used invisible string to sew through the existing sewing holes in order to keep this piece for posterity.


Wedding Objects

We have created lasting memories of some very happy occasions over the years and here are two examples of some marvellous objects from wedding ceremonies.

In both examples we have created a hessian backing to really helps emphasis the materials of the objects and have stitched multiple objects into the 3D frames. This includes necklaces, place holders, petal pouches, entire dried bouquets and a wedding dress*!

*Carefully trimmed to the customers specifications


Tower Poppies

The ceramic Poppies that were created for the Centenary commemoration of WWI where an unique challenge as being hand made they all varied in depth.


They were purchased at auction by a number of different customers who all had differnet demands as to how they were to be memorialised in the frames.

For some customers we printed photos that they took themselves of the display at the Tower of London; one required logos from Help for Heros and others used them to remember their fallen relatives and to create a lasting remberance for future generations of their family.


The Athletes of Bath

We are very blessed in Bath to have a number of high profile athletes. We therefore get to frame some amazing items from these elite sports people.

These items often require us to adapt our processes in order to accommodate these specialist items. E.g. extra stretchy material, adapting shapes for clothing and adding in many multiple items into the same frame.


Scabbard from the Charge of the Light Brigade

Canvas Board Frame.jpg

This was a beautiful piece of history, a genuine scabbard from the charge of the light brigade.

The customer was kind enough to educate us as to the use of the two items that look like darts were in fact spike the guns of the enemy. They also informed us that these were made from gold for the officers and silver for the NCOs. After the action the guns were tallied to see if the officers or NCOs were the victors.

This scabbard needed to be framed without glass. Therefore we glued and stretched some felt onto a hard board and sewed the scabbard in place with invisible string. We had to ensure that the chain and buckles all hung naturally but did not scrape across the frame.

Shirt Framing

Shirt Frame.jpg
shop 175.JPG
Shirt with Spacer Frame.jpg

We frame a large number of sports shirts, we do this to a presentation level display.


We sew the shirt over an acid neutral mount board so that it hangs naturally and does not look over stretched. This board is also shaped to enhance the shirts natural shape.


We then build a box using mount and foam board that allows us to vary the depth for each individual shirt. Into this box we sew the shirt and add a shadow mount arround the outside to throw a 3D shadow effect across the item. We feel that this is one of the best ways to show off your shirt for many years to come!

This is our alternative method which uses a spacer instead of the foam built box.


This can be used on thin shirts with no collar as the height is more restricted as we can only create the depth from the width of the spacer.

chef shirt.jpg

Cigeratte cards


We often get collections of cigarette or other trading cards bought into us for framing. and really enjoy framing the complete sets.

For this we use a technique with glass back and front so that the both sides of the cards can be viewed at a later stage.

We use mounts back and front to lift the glass away from the cards to stop the glass for interacting with the images or words. The cards are placed in the mounts with water reversible archival tape.

Paper image Glass back and front with beading Frame.jpg

For those customers that will be showing off the back of their frames often and do not like the look of the above image.

We also offer this beading alternative frame. Essentially the same technique but it is finished with a wooden bead instead of the silicon and pneumatic pins.

Paper image Glass back and front Frame.jpg

We add glass to the back of the frame so that the back of the cards can be read when removed from the wall.


This is then pneumatically pinned in and silicon bead is used to seal the glass into the frame, finished with framing tape and string and is ready to hang.




Medal display frames are a great way to display family history and remember those that have given so much for us.

We frame a large number of medals and usually place them on suede mount boards with apertures for a photo, a short biography and the persons name, rank and service number.

Other items such as cap badges or identifying tags can easily be added.

We are also happy to source ribbons for medals that may have been lost or need to be replaced due to bad condition.