4.5" Black/Gold Decorative Frame

Colour: Black/Gold
Profile: Ornate
Finish: Leaf/Paint
Wood Type: Pulai
Frame Width: 4.5" 114mm

  • Frame Size: 24"x36" 61x91cm, Outside size: 33"x45" 84x114cm
  • Frame Size: 30"x40" 76x102cm, Outside size: 39"x49" 99x125cm
  • Frame Size: 36"x48" 91x122cm, Outside size: 45"x57" 114x145cm

Manufactured on demand - Delivery usually within 2 weeks

24"x36" - 4.5" Framed Black/Gold Decorative Mirror
30"x40" - 4.5" Framed Black/Gold Decorative Mirror
36"x48" - 4.5" Framed Black/Gold Decorative Mirror

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